PnB Rock Murder Investigation Now Focusing on Possible Enemies

PnB Rock Murder Investigation Now Focusing on Possible Enemies

PnB Case
Cops Digging Into Past Beefs
Might’ve Been Random Robbery

9/21/2022 1: 00 AM PT

PnB Rock‘s murder investigation is taking a deep dive into his past — because, apparently, cops are under the impression this might’ve been more than just a random robbery … on the contrary, it may have been a planned execution by a foe.

LAPD sources inform us that the case is moving in multiple directions. One involves detectives digging into the personal life of the late rapper… especially when it concerns who he rubbed shoulders with — or perhaps butted heads with — which could lead to potential beefs.

Investigators are particularly interested in his ties with Atlanta — where he reportedly spent quite a lot of time — and Philly. They’re also asking anyone and everyone if PnB knew of any enemies who might have had it out for them.

Rapper PnB Rock Dead at 30 After Shooting at Roscoe's


Rapper PnB Rock Dead at 30 After Shooting at Roscoe’s

PnB’s lyrics have also been under scrutiny. Cops want to see if he made any references to any feuds with his peers or other individuals.

This is an interesting development. Cops initially thought it was a fatal robbery — in which random thieves came across PnB and/or his girlfriend’s social media, saw what they were up to, and went on the attack. Why didn’t they just grab his chains and run, rather than shooting him multiple time and killing him?

Instagram / @pnbrock

Cops believe that this could have been an elaborate plot by someone with a vendetta.

DeSean Jackson, J.R. Smith Mourn PnB Rock's Death, 'This St Gotta Stop'


DeSean Jackson, J.R. Smith Mourn PnB rock’s death, ‘This St Gotta Stop!

No matter how you cut it … the fact that this L.A. investigation is now crossing state lines is pretty stunning — and they certainly wouldn’t do that without at least a good hunch.

Now, as for where things stand in terms of ID’ing the suspects and/or the getaway car … our sources say cops are still trying to track down the vehicle through video feeds. Although they are receiving many tips, it is taking some time to sort through them all to determine which ones are legitimate.

One final thing … we’re told cops don’t believe PnB’s girlfriend, Steph, had anything to do with PNB’s death. People were outraged that she posted their location and suggested she might have done it intentionally. We believe that this is nonsense. She’s not believed have been involved in the execution or planning of the murder.

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